Want to see a change?? Plant a WORD of love heart deep in a friend’s life, nurture it with a smile and prayer everyday and watch what happens. It wouldn’t be too late before God draws that friend close to Him.

Planting a word of love through Media in thousands of hearts wanting to win them for Christ and here, God is for us.

Aradana Channel telecasts the program “Aradana Na Yesuke” on every Saturday at 11:00 Am. The half an hour episode consists of a song from Amana Choir and the Word of God shared by Rev Rajshekhar from Madanapalli. On occasions like Good Friday, Easter, Christmas & new year, special songs, Children’s program and choreography & Skit from Amana Youth is also telecasted.

It is our desire that the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation is taught through the media. It is challenging to travel physically to various states and share the Gospel. Hence, we are thankful to God that he has made it possible for us to use one of our inventions, the television, to share his word.

We are so glad to hear from the public that they find this program a blessing to them and their families. We receive multiple phone calls sharing prayer requests from different states. We indeed feel blessed as we pray for their prayer requests in our various prayer meets throughout the week.